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Philosophy of Business

Taylor Therapy Center was established in 1983 by a group of professionals committed to helping people more effectively manage life changes.

The professionals at Taylor Therapy Center are collectively concerned about helping the total person. By joining together in a multi-disciplinary group practice, we are able to provide a unique therapeutic setting in which we can use our skills and varied backgrounds to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The idea of client-therapist collaboration is essential to our work. We stress the active participation and involvement of individuals and families in planning and managing their health care programs. Indeed, collaboration is critical to accomplish our primary goal of providing quality health care in the most effective and individualized manner possible. Learning to listen to one's body and thus better care for oneself is a cornerstone principle of our practice.

Combined Services

Clients may elect to participate in one or more of the services we offer. While we offer service to individuals in each of our areas of specialty, we also provide individual and group programs that integrate services in such areas as coping better with stress, fitness for the weekend athlete, back care, and touch as contact and support. Combined services also are available for special individuals who suffer from chronic disease and debilitating problems. Family members and/or friends are encouraged to be part of the therapeutic process for people with especially debilitating conditions or terminal disorders.

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DIRECT ACCESS in Connecticut!

   Access to physical therapy services is no longer restricted by Connecticut law!


   If your insurance requires a referral from your primary physician, then one is needed to access physical therapy services.