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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists have over forty years of combined experience as clinicians. Their extensive bakcground in the area of orthopedic, geriatric, obstetrics-gynecology and sports physical therapy. They have a particular interest in utilizing their knowledge and experience to promote wellness and good health habits in their clients.

Taylor Therapy Center's physical therapy clinic is fully equipped to enable the therapists to perform evaluation, design individual programs and provide physical therapy treatment. Consultative and educational services for the public and private sector are available. Our therapists also provide industrial safety, back school, and work reconditioning programs, and the Key Functional Capacity Assessment.

Counseling / Psychotherapy
Each of our therapists has over twenty years experience. They provide counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, group, couples, and families. Educational seminars and workshops are offered periodically. Taylor Therapy Center's psychotherapy and life management practice pivots on the notion that all life problems offer opportunities to learn and grow. We subscribe to a philosophy of people learning to listen and respond to their bodies. Within that context, our therapists have extensive education and training in existential, behavioral, and humanistic psychotherapies and we work extensively in the body-oriented psychotherapies.

Therapy programs are designed to meet clients' needs in an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality. If needed, psychological assessment/testing is also provided and covers a wide range of diagnostic and consultative areas.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists have a wide range of experience in Therapeutic Massage. This includes the integration of Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, acupressure, Reiki and Polarity massage techniques to best suit the needs of each individual client. Massage is provided for deep emotional and physical relaxation. As part of the unifying concept of our practice, massage, also is utilized to assist in the relief from pain, and recovery from injury or disease. 

Massage demonstrations and workshops are designed to introduce touch as a safe and important part of human growth, development, and integration. Couples and infant massage workshops periodically are offered to teach couples and parents massage and relaxation techniques.


WELLNESS PROGRAMS AT TTC: All of our wellness programs are consistent with our philosophy that life hangs in the balance and one needs to be consistently involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Medically-Oriented Gym :

TaylorTherapy Center has initiated, a new service: The Medically Oriented Gym. Physical therapists are medical experts in the area of musculoskeletal conditions as well as the instruction and administration of exercise as it relates to disease and dysfunction. The Medically Oriented Gym (MOG) is a new concept in fitness, bridging physical therapy and the fitness center environment. The MOG encompasses wellness and exercise, based upon one's individual goals, requirements and limitations in a medically supervised setting while integrating it with your healthcare. Click Here  for more details or click on the M.O.G. tab above!



Osteoporosis Education:

Classes are offered to provide education about prevention of osteoporosis to people at risk as well as those already experiencing osteopenia. The classes provide a balance of nutritional education and safe exercises to help build and/or maintain strong bones. The classes are offered twice a week. 


Weight Loss:

We offer classes in weight management/ weight loss using the Transitions program. The program is based on the glycemic index, which has shown to be the most effective for long-term weight management. Classes are offered regularly and must have ten participants per 6-week class term.


TaiChi Classes:

TaiChi is one of the martial arts that has been used by physical therapists to help patients improve breathing, restore posture, and regain strength and balance. Classes are offered to the public to help prevent problems related to balance and strength loss. Each participant is required to be screened by one of the physical therapists prior to participation in the classes to determine readiness for participation. The classes are offered twice a week.



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